Client Reviews for Our Hawaii Car Accident Law Firm

-Vera, N., Oct. 2009

“Thank you, Mr. Barlow, for all of your help!  I’m so glad I called you.  I really appreciate all of the work you put into my case.  Hopefully, I’ll never get in another accident, but if I do, I’ll definitely call you.”

- Walter, T., May 2010

“I can’t recommend Mr. Barlow high enough to anyone who has been injured in an accident.  He not only knows his stuff, but he is a nice guy who is easy to talk to.  He worked hard on my case and I’m very happy with the result.”

-Lani, K., Aug. 2012

“David is a great lawyer.  He explained everything to me so that I always knew exactly what was going on with my case.  He took his time whenever I called him and he never rushed through our calls.  He’s a very patient guy and his patience paid off because he ended up getting me a very good settlement.”

-Mike, W., Dec. 2012

“I’m really impressed with how smoothly everything went after I called Mr. Barlow.  I was going crazy with all the insurance adjusters calling me wanting to take my statement.  Once I hired Mr. Barlow everything went well.  He has a lot of experience which is something that you want in a lawyer.  Call him if you’re in an accident, you’ll be glad you did.”

-Connie, C., Jan. 2014

“David is a superb lawyer.  He’s really good at explaining things to me in a way I can understand.  He is also really good at getting cases settled with the insurance companies.  I still can’t believe how quickly he got me a settlement.”

-Rick, A., Oct. 2014

“I have referred several clients to David Barlow over the past few years.  Each of them has come back to us with very positive results and high satisfaction with David’s services.  He is very knowledgeable and attentive and will work hard for your case.  Highly recommended.”

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